Many Reasons to Consider a Used Car, Truck, or SUV

Deacon Jones Hyundai has an inventory of used cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers from the brands that Greenville, NC drivers love. Whether you want a used Hyundai, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Chevrolet, and many others, you have many reasons to consider buying used. You have many more reasons than price to stop by and see our selection of used vehicles. Here are a few of these reasons.

More for Your Money

Budgeting for a used car can be much more fun than when saving for a new one. The reason why is depreciation. A new car starts depreciating the minute that someone drives it off the lot. From that moment on, it is a newer used car. Perhaps you could afford a base trim level if you were buying a new one, but you might be able to afford one of the upper trim levels when buying used. You can have a lot more fun in Smithfield, NC with a car that has a panoramic moonroof and leather seats for the same price. And if you find new car incentives you get more value from your favorite model.

Many Choices

Every year, about 350 new cars are offered by many brands, but this is a small amount compared to the number offered on the used-car market. Maybe you like a certain model, trim, or feature no longer offered. You might be able to find it on a used car. The used car market means that you do not have to give up your favorites because the manufacturer decided to eliminate them. So, you can drive around Clayton, NC, in the exact model you love.

Lower Insurance Costs

Used cars save you money not only on the purchase price but also save on insurance. These long-term savings can add up over time. Insurance companies base their rates on how much they would have to pay if you were to have a total loss on your new vehicle. A used car is worth less and would cost less to replace, which means that you will save on premiums every month.

Cars Last Longer Now

Another good reason to consider a used vehicle is that cars last longer than they used to. Competition has meant that manufacturers had to up their game when it comes to quality and service life. The elusive 200,000-mile mark used to be reserved for only a few brands, but now, many auto manufacturers make cars that can last 200,000 miles. This means that you will get many more years from your used car.

It might be noted this high mileage only applies if the vehicle has been well-cared for and maintained. That is why you should always have a used car checked by a mechanic, but many manufacturers offer another option. Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs are available that give you a little extra assurance that your used car is in good condition so you know you can trust it as you set out for your Winterville, NC adventure.

CPO programs add extra value to the used car purchase. Under these programs, the vehicle must pass a rigorous bumper-to-bumper inspection. Many of them have low mileage requirements, must have all recalls fixed, and have no accidents. CPO programs vary, but they are an excellent way to make sure the car you buy is dependable.

Information from Real Drivers

Another reason to consider a used car is that you can read testimonials and stories from people who have owned the vehicle. There is a wealth of information available on the Internet. These testimonials and stories can give you an idea of what you can expect before setting out Garner, NC.

Now, you know many reasons why you should consider a used car from Deacon Jones Hyundai in Goldsboro, NC. If you can't make up your mind, it might be time to come in and test drive a few to find the right fit.