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Why regular oil changes are so important

Getting regular oil changes is easy and can extend the life of your car. Engine oil is one of the most important fluids in your car. It helps keep your engine running smoothly and lubricates engine components. As you drive, oil breaks down and is exposed to contaminants reducing its lubricating properties. Many people may be unaware when they should get their oil changed. 

If your driving conditions match any shown below, then your frequency of oil changes should be increased: 

Repeated short distance trips

Like to the store or school and back

Driving in dusty conditions

Winds often move dust more than we realize

Corrosive driving condtions

Driving in areas where salt of other corrosive materials are being used

Extensive use of brakes

Been in rush-hour traffic lately?

Rugged conditions

Driving on rough or muddy roads

Inclines and elevation

Driving in mountainous areas

Idling and low speeds

Extended periods of idling or low speed operation. Again, rush hour?

Hot urban driving conditions

More than 50% driving in heavy city traffic in above 90 degree weather

Check you owner's manual to see what grade and viscosity of oil and change frequency your vehicle needs and occasionally confirm that the oil is at its optimal level.

Based on all your combined driving habits, you may need to change the oil more frequently (every 4,500-5,000 miles may be more appropriate than the normal 6,000-7,500 miles). 
Spending the money and taking the time to get oil changes when recommended by the manufacturer can save lots in the long-run. 

Other benefits include:

And finally, setting a regular oil change maintenance schedule can serve as a benchmark for when other maintenance needs are to be met. 

Start by scheduling your oil change today at your local Hyundai dealer. 

They will include a free, quick Multi Point Inspection and perform any needed adjustments as your car ages. 

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Delaying oil change service can result in irreparable damage to your Hyundai. Let us provide the best possible service for you Hyundai.

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Keep Your Hyundai Healthy with Regular Oil Changes at Our Goldsboro, NC Dealership

At Deacon Jones Hyundai, we know that keeping your car healthy is the key to enjoying it for years to come. As one of the most important routine services you can perform for you Hyundai, an oil change helps ensure the longevity of your Hyundai engine so you can hit the road with confidence. Visit our dealership near Smithfield and Greenville NC for your next Hyundai oil change and give your car the care it deserves.

Why Oil Changes are Important

As you drive, your engine's internal components move past each other thousands of times per minute. This causes incredible heat and without the proper lubrication friction and internal engine damage can shorten the lifespan of even a brand-new car. Your engine oil not only provides the lubrication necessary to keep your internal engine parts from direct contact, but it helps to disspate heat to prevent overheating internal components. However, as your engine oil ages it loses its ability to create a protective barrier, increasing the risk of internal engine damage. With regular oil changes, you can keep fresh oil in your engine and ensure the protection of your engine's most critical components so you can enjoy your car without worry for years to come.

Our Oil Change Service

With the quick oil change service at our Hyundai service center near Garner and Winterville, NC, you can give your engine the protection it deserves in less than an hour. We'll get you in and out quickly so you can keep the rest of your day on track and feel good that you've taken care of your Hyundai for another few thousand miles.

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