Overall Process

A alternator is an engine component that allows the engine, and many other parts of the vehicle, to operate. The alternator provides power to a vehicle's battery, radio, headlight, and most of the other electronics that the vehicle has. The alternator is a large part that is constructed of many additional smaller parts.



The stator is one of the most important parts of an alternator. The stator holds the rotor of the alternator and the wiring that allows the rotor to create an electromagnetic field as it spins. The stator is necessary to provide a controlled environment for the rotor's movement.



The rotor in the alternator is the driving force that allows the alternator to operate how it does. The rotor rotates as a result of the engine's movement and allows the alternator to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.


Cooling Fan

It is necessary for an alternator to remain cool, so it is equipped with a cooling fan that dissipates heat.


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